aka Twisted-S.A.M.-Radical

  • I live in That depends, my animatronic clones make me look like I'm anywhere at anytime
  • I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is Building Animatronic characters for Freddys and eating people from cotton candy
  • I am Male
  • TRToybox

    Animatronics vs.

    October 9, 2014 by TRToybox

    Submit your animatronics to the wiki, and submit ideas of witch animatronics should battle which. I am submitting Punky in a little bit for the battle.



    Weight: 564 lbs.

    Power: 2000

    Likes: old, abandoned animatronics

    Hates: humans, new/current Animatronics (especially Freddy)

    Notable abilities

    • rocket punch:3000
    • Brutal storm:1000 per hit
    • reactivate abandoned animatronics:Each activated for one turn and attacks
    • bite: Crititcal hit
    • burning gas:corrodes animatronics, poisons humans,
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